Thursday, 30 September 2010

Spring 2011 Barbara Bui

30 september 2010 Paris

The great thing about designer inspirations is that they don't necessarily have to make complete sense to work in the context of a collection. That would be the case with Barbara Bui's Spring show, for which her ideas ranged from "energy and light" to "women reporters." In your head, you might conjure up a radiant Christiane Amanpour in lotus pose, but on the runway you could see the designer's train of thought. There were flak jacket-inspired pieces—jumpsuits, khaki shirts, silky cargo pants, and, well, jackets—leading to the desert ease of languid silk dresses and blouses, and natural linen shifts and tiny shorts.

Following in the vein of her coats from Fall—and the current trends—Bui also showed leather outerwear pieced with panels of snakeskin and perforated suede. With shades of both biker and aviator, these also dovetailed with the chic and nomadic foreign correspondent she imagined. The necessary counterpoint to all that relatively rugged and sporting utility was a dash of gold lamé at the end of the show. After all, this Florence of Arabia may be a professional, but her life can't be all work and no play. Bui also added a slightly more low-key dash of flash in geometric sequin embroideries on those linen bits. Strangely, a few were reminiscent of Louis Vuitton's insignia, which could have been a coincidence, or perhaps a reference to luggage? Either way, it was the sole true head-scratcher in an otherwise solid collection.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Style Milanese

Milla Jovovich - Tribute slideshow

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

Name : Milla Jovovich (Milica Nataša Jovovic)
Born : December 17, 1975
Country : born in Kiev, Ukraine
Lives : USA

Milla Jovovich was born as Milica Natasa Jovovic on December 17, 1975 in Kiev, Ukraine and is a world famous model. Her father is Yugoslavian Serb doctor and mother is Ukrainian actress.

Milla Jovovich moved to London in the year 1981 and later to LA and became a model at the age of 11.

The first photo shoot that was made for Milla Jovovich was the Italian fashion magazine "Lei" cover in 1987 and this was the big turning point for her modeling career, as she got detected by major fashion designers. Milla is a fashion model for many top-market brands: Giorgio Armani, DKNY and she has been the face for L`Oreal Cosmetics company.

Milla Jovovich is not just a famous model, but a famous actress as well. Her filmography includes such movies as Two Moon Junction (1988), Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991), The Fifth Element (1997), The Million Dollar Hotel (2000), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) and other.

Besides she tried her skills in music business, by releasing few singles. Among them are "Gentleman Who Fell" and "On the Hill" and the album "The Divine Comedy".

Milla Jovovich has established her own cloth line called "Yovovich-Hawk".

The famous model was married to Luc Besson from 14 December 1997 to 12 June 1999.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Obsessives: Rogan Gregory

Rogan Gregory

Just in time for Earth day (April 22), Target announced last Tuesday that Rogan Gregory (photo left), a well-known eco-friendly fashion designer is creating a capsule collection of sustainable fashion for the chic discounter under its GO International initiative.

Expected to hit Target stores nationwide on May 18 and available through June 28, the Rogan for Target collection is the retailing giant’s first high profile program towards eco-friendliness.

There is a misconception among fashionistas that eco-friendly clothing is cheap and looks like burlap. That is farthest from the truth. Organic cotton and bamboo are more expensive to grow than chemically farmed cotton and bamboo. Without going through the whole explanation comparing organic and chemical farming, let it suffice to say that organic farming is more labor intensive, thus making it harder and costlier than chemical farming.

Translate that into fashion items, the price tag just go higher because not only are the fabric more expensive, manufacturing costs are also higher because there are stricter regulations before the label ‘organic’ or eco-friendly can be used.

Case in point, Rogan Gregory’s Loomstate and Edun line, both of which are labeled as “eco-friendly and sustainable” start at $60 for a basic t-shirt, jeans begin at $150 and an anorak jacket can cost you at least $320.

For a mass-market retailer like Target where price points rule, a foray into eco-friendly products also puts a stress into its business strategy. Keeping prices low when production cost is high is going to be a challenge, to say the least. And, that is just the beginning.

Because caring for the environment is the current buzzword in the U.S. and it has entered into the consciousness of the majority of the population, the labels ‘eco-friendly and sustainable’ though there are still no major laws enacted for it, compliance to the accepted definition is voluntary.

In short, consumers have to rely on the honesty of retailers if there is an ‘eco-friendly’ tag on an apparel or accessory; and then of course, there are the consumer watch dogs who says yeah or nay.

Rogan Gregory is the best choice Target could have for an eco-friendly designer to collaborate with. Combining his designing prowess with his celebrity status due to his commitment to protecting the environment, the New York-based designer had gained the trust and the confidence of the fashion set.

Target also scored points with its admission that GO International products are manufactured in China. And that is something that businesses in general do not want to admit to nowadays because of the tide of public opinion against the Asian country for a lot of reasons beginning for its nonchalance way it is treating its pollution problem, to the more politically explosive Sudan and Darfur issues, plus the protests of the Dalai Lama.

Political issues with China aside, a partnership between an eco-conscious designer like Rogan Gregory and Target should be commended. It is hard being green, especially for a mass market retailer where price points are considered holy. Target is making a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly and that is a positive step.

Thursday, 23 September 2010



Like Alberta Ferretti yesterday, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana looked to the garden for inspiration. The trellis behind their runway was strewn with real roses, peonies, hydrangeas, ferns, and ivy—their florist must be ecstatic. But if the duo's vision was Edenic, it was also poised at the moment when Eve was starting to get a little frisky. D&G is aimed at their youngest customers, so the cabbage rose-print tanks unbuttoned to reveal a hint of bra, and the mismatched bubble shorts and gingham head scarves looked sweet, but not that innocent. Snow White, who eats a poison apple of her own, by the way, was apparently a muse; she and her seven Disney dwarves appeared on T-shirts and tanks, and pinafore dresses got equal runway time with strapless rompers, one of which happened to be accessorized with an apron.

D&G's teenage fans might take banishment to the woods by their evil stepmothers before they slipped into one of the designers' red and white picnic blanket-check dresses—they were just too literal an interpretation of the theme. But other pieces would score Mom points on a spring shopping trip, especially the sky-high wedge espadrilles and the flowing boho dresses strewn with blossoms and cinched with raffia belts that closed the show. Those qualified as the freshest, prettiest takes on the long trend we've seen so far this season.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Director Anne Fontaine On Coco Before Chanel


PARIS, Oct 4, 2007 / FW/ – Anne Fontaine is known the world over for the white shirts she has been creating for women (100 each season) for the past 14 years. Although her first love was biology, Anne Fontaine then met her husband, whose family had clothes factories, and this situation gave birth to the succes we know, with Anne Fontaine shops in 71 locations around the planet.

Now that she has achieved this level of business, the Carioca raised In New York City and now living in France, has chosen her rue Saint-Honoré boutique to match a pertinent and original development to her store concept and her first interest for the human body. On the groundfloor, the chemisiers that have made her famous are still being presented to her clientele, buta new staircase, lined by a stone and waterfall wall is leading to an entirely new zone : the Anne Fontaine Spa.

Not only is the concept of allying a clothes shop with various body treatments new, Anne Fontaine has developped here much more. the interior decoration has been conceived by Andrée Putman herself in a neo-japanese and comfortable way. The central originally proportionned jacuzzi of wonderful dark stone and its pavement of stones from Vals, constitute a real hidden grotto of rejuvination and contemplation to soothe both body and soul in the middle of the City.

Each different massage or spa room caters for different needs and is lit accordingly. The room for two is reserved to couples or friends who like enjoying their massage together or complement their foot spa moment with small talk.

The carefully trained staff is offering here specific treatments that Anne Fontaine herself has thought out, tried out and selected. A tropical rainforest shower bed for instance was drawn from her imagination and Brazilian roots.
Another full palette of body care massages is derived from the feel and energy of fabrics and natural fibres… The silk massage for instance seems particularly appealing, dedicated to those who are already enjoying the soft touch of its delicate textile expressions.

By the way, Anne Fontaine is not content with designing her brand’s body tretaments, she has also developped with a laboratory specific body ointments and creams available for the moment, only in her Paris Spa.

Who is not a resident (even an occasional one) of the City of Lights, could well grow jealous of Parisians who can now indulge in such a voluptuous luxury by appointment. But a visit to the Anne Fontaine Spa, might make a trip to Paris worthwhile, especially if you consider it as the coronation to a romantic holiday in the French capital.

Anne Fontaine has nevertheless also revealed that she will open soon a New York branch* with the same concept. Other openings are not planned yet, however it might be useful to know that her spa is open to men and women alike, and that male customers will no doubt be more than happy to enjoy that service, particularly as many would wish that she might offer soon male declinations of her legendary white shirts.

Imaginative and well thought out, conceived with care and much taste, the Anne Fontaine Spa is certainly opening a new alley in the globalization of products and services offered to the human body. Isn’t it essential to take good care of what’s inside the garments a woman is wearing before trying to create a look ? isn’t it obvious to plan a soothing pause of relaxation on a busy day of shopping? Anne Fontaine Spa allows that and more… only at 370 Rue Saint Honoré, Paris, France**.

* In New york City, Anne Fontaine is planning to move her shop from 687 to 700 Madison Avenue to open a spa and massage zone too.

MTV VMA Awards 2010

LADY GAGA won an impressive eight awards at last night's MTV Video Music Awards in LA. Gaga - who has just announced that she will be releasing a collection of fragrances - walked the red carpet and accepted her Best Female Video (for Bad Romance) prize in an Alexander McQueen gown. Gaga went on to shock the audience by appearing in a dress made from meat to accept the award for Video of the Year for Bad Romance. The dress - made by Franc Fernandez - was accessorised with a clutch and boots, also made from raw meat. Her stylist - Nicola Formichetti - has just been named creative director of Thierry Mugler (read more here).

Brit band Florence and the Machine won the Best Art Direction Award for Dog Days Are Over, while Eminem scored the Best Male Video for Not Afraid.

Source: Vogue