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Name : Natalia Vodianova
Born : February 17, 1982
Country : born in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
Lives : New York City, USA

Natalia Vodianova comes from Russia and was born on the 17th February, 1982 in Nizhni Novgorod. Natalia came from a troubled upbringing where she had to work to support the family from a very young age. Vodianove had to support her mother and two half-sisters (one of them being handicapped).

Vodianova started modeling classes during her early teenage years, also learning etiquette and was discovered by a French fashion agent. Natalia Vodianova also started her English lessons to help her career. When Natalia was 17, she went to Paris and gained her first modeling and world fashion experience. Natalia's first fashion agency was Viva agency in Paris.

It took her approximately 2 - 3 years to become a celebrity model, which was helped along the way by marrying the real estate entrepreneur Justin Portman, with whom she has also given birth to a son (Lucas) with.

Natalia Vodianova continued to develop her fame and fashion recognition by working in such fashion designer shows as Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and by appearing on some of the most popular world fashion magazine covers.

Natalia Vodianova is a very successful model who has achieved an astonishing success and has become a world celebrity. She has also tried acting, with her only movie being "CQ"(2001). Natalia also has a new movie project called "Wow! (Generation P)" which is about to be made in the year 2006.

Body measurements:
Natalia Vodianova height: 179 cm
Natalia Vodianova breasts: 81 cm
Natalia Vodianova waist size: 63 cm
Natalia Vodianova hips: 91 cm

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin VIDEO

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

BERLIN, Jun 22, 2010 / — With over 40 shows and presentations at Bebelplatz and offsite locations, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring / Summer 2011 season is the biggest one yet as the German capital continues to gain strides to become a fashion capital.



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is the halo event around which many fashion activities and trade fairs take place in the dynamic German capital. Tradeshows like Premium or Bread & Butter continue to grow and bring thousands of industry professionals to the city, making it one of Europe’s fashion capitals.

As part of the runway schedule, Grazia Magazine is hosting the Opening Party of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin; Burda Style Group Preview and Gala Fashion Brunch will both attract an exclusive and fashionable crowd, and also designer Jette Joop is hosting a cocktail event to open her JETTE Lounge for VIP editors and buyers.

Calvin Klein will host a unique multi brand presentation in Berlin during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, featuring the latest offerings from the Calvin Klein brand, available in Germany.

The large-scale event will be held at “Die Muenze”, an old industrial mint that will be transformed into a unique fashion experience featuring over 50 models from around the world. Berlin-based architect J. Mayer H., whose design work has been shown at MoMa in New York and San Francisco, will create a special installation piece for the largest event that Calvin Klein has ever held in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is made possible by the following sponsors: Mercedes-Benz,
DHL, HANNspree, Maybelline Jade and Peek & Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf and will again be endorsed by the Senate for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues, Berlin.

For further information please visit:

Berlin Fashion Week Spring 2011

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Ruffles Trend

From Stella McCartney to Alexander McQueen see our favourite ruffled looks Vogue

How to Take Care of Combination Hair

By Anna Lynn C. Sibal

There are many different types of hair. There are thick types and there are fine types of hair. There are curly ones and straight-falling ones. Some hair types are more prone to the accumulation of sebum (the natural oils that our skin secretes) than others, while some hair types are just naturally dry. There are various ways of taking care of hair according to its various types.

But what if your hair happens to be a combination type of hair? What if your hair is very oily near the scalp but has the tendency to be dry to the point of brittleness as the strands reach the ends? How do you take care of hair like that?

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to care for the combination type of hair. With the appropriate use of the right products, you can prevent damage to your hair, protect it, keep it healthy and even enhance its beauty. So how do you effectively care for the combination type of hair?

It all starts with the proper washing of the hair. In shampooing, never use hot water to wet your hair. Hair strands are susceptible to extreme heat and hot water will only damage it. Instead, just use lukewarm water.

Be choosy with the products that you use for your hair. If you have the combination type hair, avoid using shampoos formulated for oily hair. It might worsen the condition of the dry tips of your locks. Instead, opt for shampoos specially made for normal hair.

Do not use too much shampoo to wash your hair. Just a dollop the size of a quarter will do. Apply the shampoo directly on the scalp and just let the suds flow to the ends of your hair. Never apply the shampoo directly to the tips because the shampoo will wash off the oil that your hair tips need so much. If you must, just scoop some suds from the top of your head and use it to wash your hair�s tips. Never overclean your hair�s ends and be careful in handling them. Rinse the shampoo off carefully and thoroughly until it is not slippery any longer.

After shampooing the hair, apply a rinse-off conditioner. Just as you should never apply shampoo directly to the tips of your hair, you should never apply conditioner directly to your scalp either. The moisturizing agents in the conditioner will cause the scalp to produce too much oil. Instead, concentrate the application of the conditioner to the tips of your hair strands, and then rinse your hair thoroughly, this time with cold water to lock in the moisture and to discourage your hair from secreting too much oil.

For added TLC for your combination type hair, indulge in deep conditioning treatment once a week. Apply moisturizing conditioner to the dry parts of your hair, wrap it with a towel and let it be for a couple of hours before washing it off completely. You can substitute olive oil for commercial conditioner if you wish. Also, make it a habit to have your hair trimmed once every two months to get rid of your hair�s brittle ends.

The combination type of hair need not be a hair care nightmare. All it needs to keep healthy and beautiful is the know-how for its proper care.

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Couture Spring 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier

Paris 27 January 2010 by Sarah Mower

He went down Mexico way. All the way. He had a mariachi band. He had gauchos, sombreros, striped peasant blankets, Spanish shawls, and cigars. He had a conquistador moment—and then he was into the jungle, weaving leaves with indigenous peoples.

Apparently, Jean Paul Gaultier had been to an exhibition about Moctezuma, the Aztec emperor, in London last year, and that—with the side influence of Avatar's tribal-eco message—is what set him off in this direction.

Yet, why? As Arielle Dombasle, a French icon of renown, took to the stage lip-synching as Carmen Miranda and Gaultier skipped out to greet her, it felt like a camp ritual—motions being gone through just because that's what Gaultier does or what he thinks people expect from him.

But Jean Paul Gaultier is far, far better than this, and if he'd only release himself from the pressure to "theme" his shows, his genius might shine all the brighter. Flashes of it were there in his tailoring—in a tailcoat over a pale pink-beige jet-beaded T-shirt and long skirt, for example, and a couple of jumpsuits. There were undeniable riches, too, as when Gaultier laid on intense top-to-toe fringing, beading, and warriorlike armor (even metal claws at one point). But still. Here's a man who could make mincemeat of any competition in Paris when it comes to tailoring, and this is a time when women are crying out for daywear, sportswear, any kind of wear that is clean, stripped back, and new. It's a shame he's not seizing that agenda.

COUTURE SPRING 2010 Alexis Mabille

Paris january 25 2010 By Sarah Mover

"Graphic surgery" was Alexis Mabille's apt tag for the geometric, color-blocking games he played for Spring. Vertically splicing bi-colored looks from the models' middle-parted hair down to their mismatched shoes—an outfit might be shocking pink on one side, black on the other—the collection was a departure for a young designer more known for bows and dressy, delicate lace. Is he, too, feeling the Celine-led urge to pare back? "Well, I don't know," he said. "I was looking at Cubist and Suprematist art, and Calder. But, yes, I wanted something cleaner, with less embroideries."

The geometric theme gave Mabille a chance to train the eye on his skillful way with cutting, piecing, and jigsawing fabric into tailored pantsuits and coats, supple skating dresses, and a plethora of eveningwear. His bows haven't gone entirely missing—they turned up as a side-tied sash on a narrow pantsuit and formed a frill on a neckline, and also appeared as fat, lush sequined bags. But the problem was that plethora. The economy Mabille applied to line and cut didn't extend to the show's edit. Halfway through, he meandered onto different subjects: black pailletted halter dresses with white collars, a skinny black sweater with a sweeping skirt, silk sailor tops with a minute raw edge. They were all great, but this is a talent who still has to learn that, in terms of putting on an attention-grabbing show, less can be more—especially when that's the technical idea he set out with.

La Perla Underware Grigioperla

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Pamela Anderson video

Pamela Anderson Famous Model

American Actress - Female Model
Name : Pamela "Pam" Anderson (Pamela Denise Anderson)
Born : July 1, 1967
Country : born Canada
Lives : United States

Pamela Anderson Bio..
Pamela Anderson was born on the 1st of July 1967 as Pamela Denise Anderson in British Columbia, Canada.

Pam Anderson was first discovered wearing a Canadian beer company's T-shirt at a football game. She then began working for the beer company (Labatt Brewing Company) to promote their product. She then appeared as the Playboy magazine centerfold for February in 1990, giving her massive "exposure" throughout the United States.

Her first major television part was on the "Home Improvement" program between 1991 and 1993. She is perhaps best known for her role on the popular "Baywatch" TV program, where Anderson played the role of the skimpy swimwear clad beach lifesaver C J Parker. Pam Anderson worked on the Baywatch program from 1992 through to 1997. Other programs that the actress has starred in include "V.I.P.", "Stripperella" and "Stacked".

Pamela Anderson became a United States citizen in 1994.

Anderson's personal life is often much talked about in gossip magazines and television programs. She has dated many other celebrities including Tommy Lee (was married to the rocker), model Marcus Schenkenberg, and rock musician Kid Rock.

Pamela Anderson and her then husband Tommy Lee also starred in their own pornographic home video, that was stolen from their home and released on the Internet and on video. Pam Anderson sued the company that was distributing the movie online for a reported $10 million.

Anderson is a supporter of the animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and has worked with them on several campaigns including the "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign and released a statement condemning the action of the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) fastfood company.


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Best Celebrity Hairstyles for 2010

By Maura Lynch

America's top salons divulge their most requested Hollywood 'dos

SEO Romania

Best Celebrity Hairstyles for 2010

By Maura Lynch Elle

America's top salons divulge their most requested Hollywood 'dos

Good hair is contagious! For the fourth year, ELLE polled the country’s 100 best salons to reveal the most coveted celebrity styles from coast to coast—and how to copycat them with ease.

Norwegian Wood Dressed in Tube

By Yuri Ahn Swide

We are thinking ahead. When we will be flaunting style in ski-resorts or in low temperatures around the city. D&G’s advice for this winter is to keep it warm and add a bit of feminine mystique.

There is something tender about Norwegian knits, you want to cuddle by the fire. What if you also want to fire up your attire? This winter, knits take different decisions, they cut, they dress, they veil. Something is always bare in case you are attending a soirée in altitude.
Knitted tube-dresses in traditional Northern prints are accompanied by comfy large scarves leaving bare the shoulders.Rouge. Evening-wear in winter and especially when temperatures drop add up on fabrics but don’t leave the glam back in the city. Tube-dresses shaped as elegant bustiers on top. Soft, leg-warmers are the key accessory. A luxurious detail full of sophistication that focalizes attention.Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour, the inspiration for the white chiffon shirt worn with a black ribbon tie. Taking the good girl image and adding to it something out of a northern fair-tale.

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São Paulo Fashion Week, Summer 2010: The Bikini


Miller Harris First Rate

WHAT do you give the woman who has everything? That must have been the question faced by Samantha Cameron (probably not far off claiming the same moniker for herself) when preparing to meet Michelle Obama. Cameron answered the question by heading to the Miller Harris boutique in Notting Hill, and promptly added some of the brand's luxurious natural wax candles to her selection of gifts for the First Lady. The brand's Figue Amère candle has been a long time favourite of the Vogue beauty team, and it's great to know it has the White House seal of approval now too. From £31;

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Gisele Bundchen Brazilian supermodel

Name : Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Caroline Bündchen)
Born : July 20, 1980
Country : born in Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Lives : USA

Gisele Bundchen Bio..
Gisele Bundchen was born on the 20th of July, 1980 in Brazil and is one of the best Brazilian supermodels in the world. Her nationality is Brazilian, but ethnicity is German, as her parents are Valdir and Vânia Bündchen, and both are from Germany. She has three sisters: Rafaela, Graziela and Raquel.

During her childhood and teen ages Gisele was hoping to be a volleyball player. However at the early age of 13 Bundchen started classes for modeling and was soon discovered by fashion agents at a volleyball competition. Gisele was sent to different fashion and beauty contests where she began to develop her career as a professional model.

Gisele Bundchen is one of the Victoria's Secret Angels and has appeared in the The Victoria's Secret lingerie Fashion Shows since 2001, working alongside such supermodels as Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, and Tyra Banks.

She was on the cover of the fashion magazine Vogue in the year 1999 which opened up many new opportunities for her. Bundchen also appeared in major fashion magazines, such as Vogue USA Vogue Italia, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, Cosmopolitan and Rolling Stone. Gisele Bundchen is mainly known as a fashion model, however she has appeared on the TV screen by playing a role in the movie "Taxi", which came out in the year 2004.

Gisele has been doing quite a number of fashion designer shows, such as Bvlgari, Chloe, Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, D&G, and Michael Kors.

Gisele Bundchen has been seeing the famous American actor Leonardo di Caprio since 2004.

Body measurements:
Gisele Bundchen height: 180 cm
Gisele Bundchen weight: 57 kg
Gisele Bundchen breasts: 86 cm
Gisele Bundchen waist size: 61 cm
Gisele Bundchen hips: 86 cm