Thursday, 15 July 2010

USA Likes Lady Gaga so does Facebook

10 Million likes on Facebook is a first for any living being. Lady Gaga doesCatching a Lady Gaga news before her fans is like running after a thunder. How about news about her fans then?
The coveted album The Remix will be released Stateside on August 3rd after a blooming success around the world selling over 500,000 albums and topping charts everywhere from Canada to Japan. The attraction being the possibility to re-listen fans’ beloved songs – Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, Telephone, and Alejandro – remixed by famous DJ’s and artists. More impressive numbers made by the little monsters: largest selling digital album ever 783,056 units of The Fame Monster, which together with The Fame sold 13 million albums worldwide, and the latest single “Alejandro” has been viewed 39 million times since June 8th, date of its release.
What can we say, Lady Gaga is the first living person who has an international army of little monsters who like her absolutely very much with 10 million likes on Facebook to show for it.
Text by Acelya Yonac