Friday, 16 July 2010

Stephen Jones In Hollywood

By Dolly Jones Vogue

STEPHEN JONES is no stranger to a film set - he's worked on the hats for Coco Avant Chanel and Elizabeth - but now he's become an actor in his own right.

The Liverpool-born, London-based milliner has been recruited by Madonna to work on her latest film, W.E., based on the life of King Edward VIII (played by James D'Arcy), and Wallis Simpson (played by Andrea Riseborough).

"Madonna is directing it and she asked me to do the hats for it," he tells us. "And somehow I've ended up starring in it, too."

So, is he nervous? Is he busy learning his lines? "It's too early for me to really tell you anything in detail," he told us coyly. "But really I think I'm more alarmed than anything."

What we do know is that the film is currently shooting in London with Arianne Phillips in charge of costumes.

She's the best there is," says Stephen. "I saw Tom Ford the other day and he told me he couldn't have done A Single Man without her. Then I told her that he'd said that and she almost burst into tears."

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