Saturday, 24 July 2010

Norwegian Wood Dressed in Tube

By Yuri Ahn Swide

We are thinking ahead. When we will be flaunting style in ski-resorts or in low temperatures around the city. D&G’s advice for this winter is to keep it warm and add a bit of feminine mystique.

There is something tender about Norwegian knits, you want to cuddle by the fire. What if you also want to fire up your attire? This winter, knits take different decisions, they cut, they dress, they veil. Something is always bare in case you are attending a soirée in altitude.
Knitted tube-dresses in traditional Northern prints are accompanied by comfy large scarves leaving bare the shoulders.Rouge. Evening-wear in winter and especially when temperatures drop add up on fabrics but don’t leave the glam back in the city. Tube-dresses shaped as elegant bustiers on top. Soft, leg-warmers are the key accessory. A luxurious detail full of sophistication that focalizes attention.Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour, the inspiration for the white chiffon shirt worn with a black ribbon tie. Taking the good girl image and adding to it something out of a northern fair-tale.