Monday, 12 July 2010

Wardrobe Chic: Sky Ferreira A young songstress with eclectic tastes reveals her personal style Photo: Kelly Stuart; edited by Sydney Wasserman

With enviable tousled blond locks and a voice that will undoubtedly take her to the top, Sky Ferreira is pouncing on the fashion scene this year. Hailing from the West Coast, this 17-year old singer-songwriter has a penchant for vintage clothing, worn-in 2Pac T-shirts, and the hottest designer footwear. From long prairie dresses to ’70s-inspired minis, Sky transcends the current pop-star uniform of edgy Gaga-esque costumes (pants optional) and sharp jewelry. While her aura reads “wise beyond her years,” she is still working out her artist “look” but gives us insight into her personal style upon moving to New York City this month.

Vintage dress

Nylon cutoffs

Jewelry throughout: “My necklace is from a very good friend—I wear it all the time.”