Monday, 11 October 2010

Cynthina Steffe New York 13 September 2010

Shaun Kearney had a case of the varsity blues when he designed Spring for Cynthia Steffe. Sporty silhouettes were cut from tech sateen and nylon in all the bright colors of a pep rally poster: turquoise, jade, purple, hot pink. A striped knit poncho looked modern paired with leather track shorts, and a belted linen jacket-dress could be layered any which way. These kinds of easy pieces are what make the label a no-brainer for a customer who wants to look pulled together but not uptight. At times, things got a little disjointed, with an excess of ruffled tiers and ill-fitting jumpsuits. But the brand base is broad, and Kearney knows that offering a little something for everyone isn't a bad strategy come market week.